Fire!Turn off the fire for peace of mind

Fire yourself, turn yourself off, the most secure!
Relying on equipment to replace people to turn off the fire can’t give people real peace of mind。

Little secretary fire alarm

It reminds you to rest assured!
Invite the secretary home
Safeguard your fire safety!
It’s careful, you rest assured!
Fire! Drive yourself! Turn it off yourself! Most at ease!

Six characteristics of the product

Little secretary fire alarm,Safeguard your fire safety!
It’s careful, you rest assured!Fire! Drive yourself! Turn it off yourself! Most at ease!!


When the fire is on and at home, remind you to use fire,(Remind you every 20 minutes)
When you go out, remind you to remember to turn off the fire。

Easy to use

No need to set the time, avoid the trouble and trouble of setting the time,Don’t really change your habit of using fire。

widely used

There is no limit to the form of the stove, applicable to most stoves, the new furnace will be built into the launcher. The old furnace can be installed on the switch。

easy installation

There is no need to replace the switch button of the original stove, and the transmitter and special magnet are mounted on the switch button
Without damaging the door, fix the receiver and magnetic strip on the door and door frame

Versatile use

Disaster prevention and relief warning function
Warmly remind you, pay attention to safety with fire to avoid accidents
Can be used as emergency lighting and sound positioning when an emergency occurs。

Comprehensive warning

In sound (multilingual)
Flash (multi-color light) to remind the use of fire, can use silent mode, only flash to remind, to avoid sound interference。

Power saving and durable

Battery: Use alkaline batteries with low power consumption. Generally, it can be maintained for six months to one year. When the power is low, it will remind you to replace the battery with a buzzing sound. It is convenient to buy alkaline batteries。
USB plug: You can put the receiver in the door cabinet or the hinge, and use USB to charge。

Security cannot be faked by others,fire! You can rest assured when you close it。

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